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 Servicing all 48 states and Canada, Southwest Forest Products Transportation provides the best customer service across North America!  Dry Van and Flatbed freight are the foundation of Southwest Forest Products Transportation’s growth and continues to be the focus of our future!



         Southwest Forest Products Transportation, Inc. was birthed from hard work and determination.  The owner, an American veteran, began his carrier as the military chauffer for the Pentagon.  After completing his military services, he became an Owner Operator running team cross country.   At the age of 34, he relocated to Arizona with a goal to work locally and spend quality time with his family.  Driving locally was not providing the income to support his family so he endeavored on an opportunity for extra income by work from home repairing pallets abandoned in yards of his customers.  He by hand in the garage of his home, he was able to turn broken wood into a company.   In 1984, Mr. Van Der Toorn opened a pallet business whose foundation was repairing old pallets, then quickly ventured into custom new pallets and crates.  In 1995, the lumber crisis put his company in jeopardy.  He vowed never to allow anyone to hinder his business again.  His tremendous entrepreneur spirit lead him to reigniting the Arizona logging industry and supporting the health of the North Arizona forest by thinning the forest of undesirable logs.  Which became his source of low-grade lumber for his new and used pallet assembly!  By 1998, Southwest Forest Products, Inc. was completely vertically integrated sourcing its own lumber fiber, producing his lumber through a developed sawmill, and converting his lumber waste into a virgin mulch product!  All the while growing his fleet of trucks to deliver the finished products in the Southwest region! 

        In 2004, Mr. Van Der Toorn’s passion for the transportation industry and respect for the blue collar Owner Operator lead him to want to give an opportunity others like him.  Leading to the start of our Owner Operator program at Southwest Forest Products Transportation.  Those strong morals and hard work ethic are the roots of Southwest Forest Products Transportation, growing its name as the company you can depend on for high safety standards, quality service, on-time delivery, above average Owner Operator compensation, and a company you can TRUST




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